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Erasmus Experiences: Berlin, Marina's Germany

What do you think of life in Berlin? Would you recommend it? How is the city?

Life is safe and easy. The public transport system is marvelous. There are many police officers in the city.

What is the university scene like in Berlin?




How much does it cost to live in Berlin?

More or less, the same as the cost of living in Rome. Public transport and breakfasts at the café are very expensive. However, it is still possible to spend reasonable amounts in restaurants, obviously one must be careful to choose affordable locales and dishes.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Berlin? Could you share some advice with regards to the aforementioned?

Yes, it is complicated. As for the housing, I am not qualified to give advice. Unfortunately, the real estate agents strangle the property owners and tenants with high agency fees.

How is the local food? Which are your favorite plates?

  • Berliner currywurst
  • Kasla
  • The delicious meatballs, whose name I can't remember.



In your opinion, which are the coolest places to visit in Berlin?

The exhibitions are not so exciting, and neither are the monuments. The authorities invest a lot in these displays, but the city does not have much to offer, and it doesn't have the significant cultural tradition found in Rome or Paris; therefore, Berlin, compared to the European capitals mentioned above, is a disappointment.

And, for going out to eat in Berlin? Which are your favorite local hotspots?

One can eat well in every district just like in the most popular one, because in Berlin every district has much to offer with regards to food catering. In every district there are restaurants representing every nationality.

How is Berlin's nightlife? Where do you recommend for going out?

At the moment, I'm not sure.

Do you have any advice for the future students of Berlin?

I would avoid wasting time at kadewe and at Charlottenburg Castle, because Charlottenburg is the least German and most touristic district.

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