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Experience in Beirut, Lebanon by Rachel

Published by Rachel Darakji — 3 years ago

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What is it like to live in Beirut? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Beirut is my city. Ofcourse I would recommend it! The diversity in this country allows you to be whoever you want to be! it is composed of 18 different religious sects and u can understand from this how diverse we are. We speak three languages English Arabic and French so it shouldnt be a problem for u to communicate with anyone for help!

What is the student lifestyle like in Beirut?

it is different than Europe.. there arent many public spaces to chill and get a beer.. theres no public transportation for u to just hop on a train and go. but for us it was never a problem! Restaurants clubs and bars are everywhere and it is always crowded and fun!

How much does it cost to live in Beirut?

It is pretty expensive, cigarettes are cheaper than any EU country every (1.50euros) I live in Milan and i feel that living here costs me exactly the same as in Beirut.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Beirut? Is there any advice you can give?

AirBnb is a very good option to find places to stay in good areas

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

You wont have any lunch in a lebanese house without having 3000 plates of appetizers from Hommos to Baba Ghannouj to Rkakat and Tabboule.. everyone is very hospitable in their homes you would feel like youre at your grandmothers house! Since Lebanon has been always colonized by a country.. our food culture is also this diverse, u can find italian french mexican chinese japanese american at every corner. My favorite dishes are Majdra (which is lentils), Moghrabiyye (google it its hard to explain), Waraa aarish which is vine leaves filled which rice meat and spices, ... the list goes on. Im a person who loves her tummy!

What places would you recommend visiting in Beirut?

i would say areas:
Hamra street
Uruguay street
Gemmayzeh Mar Mkhayel street
are all full of pubs

then in the north Byblos you have
Jbeil old SOUKS amazing in the day and the night

and higher up theres a stop in BATROUN

both of which are old lebanese streets stone buildings and arches paved roads and full of traditional souvenirs culture restaurants bars and the whole nine yards

Is it good to eat out in Beirut? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Oh Yes! are u kidding me?

FINIQIA in Byblos comes first to my mind for an exceptional lebanese experience. I love the place because the owner built it all by hand and the food is superb it gives u the whole lebanese experience! GO!

al aarzal in faraya for those who enjoy a cold breeze in the mountains with lebanese food

all 'gemmayzeh street' is full of good places

i like PENINSULA in dbayeh for amazing italian food

Saniour sea view or any other saniour is great for enjoying a narghile with your meal
Republic Zalka is like saniour but has a sushi floor on the terrace upstairs

Em Nazih (in gemmayzeh rue pasteur) then continue drinking upstairs in Coup D'etat

Is the nightlife good in Beirut? Where is good to go?

Nightlife in beirut is THE NIGHTLIFE! The party goes onnnnn till the break of dawn!
Techno lovers! go to the GARTEN in summer and UBERHAUS in winter they bring international Djs almost every weekend.

Summer: the decks (friday) CUNXTSAT (saturday) an event that occurs every weekend near the sea at St. George
and last but not least BO18 !!! Check it out on youtube you would know what im saying.. every thursday they have an 80's night that you can not miss.. and the rest of the weekend is like the garten. the roof opens around 3 am till the morning when the sun shines on top of u but youre too destroyed to realize it :P

throwing cash? go to WHITE the number one rooftop in Lebanon (After skybar which was burnt down.. no one knows why ;) ) THE O1NE which also belongs to the owner of skybar

Indie beirut is a chill lounge..

Dbayeh area has openend a lot of new bars that i havent been to yet because its been two years that im away. thank you snap chat!

train station mar mkhayel for chillers

and the Summer event who adventure lovers : OLLIE DAZE !

What advice would you give future students heading to Beirut?

i think what i mentioned before should give u a basic understanding

one advice.. find friends to give u rides. dont go too much in taxis its annoying and expensive (taxis are calculated by distance not by time so dont worry about the traffic)

Another advice.. dont think u can save money youre always tempted to go somewhere

Theres rooftops everywhere! u wont be bored

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