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Experience in Beirut, Lebanon by Samer

Published by Samer Hhh — one year ago

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What is it like to live in Beirut? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

It is the Best city to live in if you want to enjoy life

What is the student lifestyle like in Beirut?

very nice.

How much does it cost to live in Beirut?

if single, arround 1000 US$ will be enough

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Beirut? Is there any advice you can give?

it is not difficult to find if you are a student. you can take a shared appartment near your school.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

Plenty of food to chose from. from fancy restaurants to sandwich shops. you can find hundreds of varieties and prices. Best to try is Knefeh or manakish breakfast, and a grilled meat samdwich if you are in hurry at lunch. You can have a great dinner during weekend with friends having some of the 80 Mezze that Lebanon is famous with.
you must try the Beiruty dishes: Kibbe Arnabieh or Arnabieh Fish, grape leaves with steak, sayadieh,

What places would you recommend visiting in Beirut?

Down town, Zeituna Bay, Rouche, Manara, ABC Malls.

Is it good to eat out in Beirut? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

Of course. you will enjoy Hamra, Ashrafieh, down town.

Is the nightlife good in Beirut? Where is good to go?


What advice would you give future students heading to Beirut?

You will enjoy. do not be afraid to ask Lebanese People for help. they are helpful.

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