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Erasmus Experience in Beirut, Lebanon by Eloi

Why did you choose to go to Beirut, Lebanon?

Strong specilization in cybersecurity at USJ, curiosity

How long was your stay? What is the amount of aid you receive?

5 months, no aid.

Erasmus Experience in Beirut, Lebanon by Eloi


How is the student ambiance in Beirut?

Very friendly, Lebanon people have their heart in their hand and it is impossible not to amuse yourself with them no matter what you are doing. You have to avoid the French people who live in Achrafieh, living there assures you that you will not have the full Lebanon adventure.

Do you recommend the city and the University of Beirut to other students?

For the study, engineer, yes.

How is the food in the country?

Excellent, a little adaption is necessary in the beginning. After two weeks as a tourist, it is normally good.

Did you have difficulties finding a place to sleep in Beirut


What are the costs of living in Beirut?

The expenses are expensive but sigarettes and gas are not. The food and rent are the same as in France.

How was it to understand the language? Have you been following the language courses organized by the university?

It is possible to understand classis Arabic or the Lebanon dialect. The courses for dialects that are organized by the University Saint Joseph are very good.

What is the cheapest way to go the Beirut from your city?

Through other cities The bus is, in general, the cheapest ($1 to go from Beirut to Saïda for example)

Erasmus Experience in Beirut, Lebanon by Eloi

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