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Experience in Bari, Italy by Maurizio

What’s it like to live in Bari? Would you recommend it?

Bari is a very beautiful city. There’s good food and a typical Mediterranean climate. The people are really nice and friendly!

How would you describe the student atmosphere in Bari?

Great. Bari is already becoming a university city. There are lots of people who fill up the university and the city centre each day.

How much does it cost to live in Bari?

Bari, like all of southern Italy, is very cheap.

Was it difficult to find accommodation in Bari? Can you give any advice?

I have friends who have had no problems finding very cheap accommodation.

What is the food like in this country? What are your favourite dishes?

The food is all here in Bari! Apulia is the region of Italy where people eat the best. My favourite dishes? I don’t know, it’s a difficult question for somebody from Bari, there’s a variety of dishes here. Personally, I love pasta, of all types!

Which places would you recommend to visit in Bari?

Bari Vecchia, the oldest part of the city. The Petruzzelli theatre, il Lungomare and also the nearby villages.

Can you give your favourite places to eat out in Bari?

Bourbon street and places in Bari Vecchia.

Where would you recommend to go partying in Bari?

I’m not sure about this, but there are lots of parties organised by various bars.

Any advice for future students in Bari?

Don’t be scared to make friends or to speak in university. Enjoy Bari and the “Pugliese way of life”!

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