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Published by Stela Asadurova — 6 years ago

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A beautiful and peaceful city on the Mediterranean sea. If you have the chance to visit it don't miss:
- PERONI - their local beer - never even bother to say it's not good, you might be in trouble :))
- crudo - uncooked sea food (I was a bit worried for my stomach but it's not that bad)
- to go to the beach in Polignano, a unique place with amazing cliffs and underwater caves
- to travel around Puglia, all cities are lovely
- to see A.S. Bari playing at Stadio San Nicola - you'll get goose bumps when you hear the crowd singing
- to eat pizza in the old part of the town
- to try Donato pizza
- to try the best gelato con pana in a place near the supermarket Coop
- to try hot cornetti with melting chocolate at 22:00-23:00
- to learn some bad words in Barese
- to find some Barese friends - lovely, worm people, always happy to help you and cook something delicious for you
- to visit Matera to see the houses built in the rocks and to try the pizza of course
- to do some shopping in Monopol
- the list can be quite long so I'll stop right here :)

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