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Barcelona: The great city

Touristically, Barcelona is one of the most popular places not just in Europe but on the planet. Maybe this is because it has everything a traveller could possibly want: culture, beach and fun.

I travelled there with some friends and the experience was a great one.


We arrived in Barcelona by plane from Valladolid. Yes, perhaps this choice of transportation seems strange but I can assure you that it was the cheapest and most convenient option.

It’s true that accommodation in the city is quite expensive, but a few days earlier we managed to book a hostel in a good location for a decent price.

We could go walking to most of the places we wanted to go to but also got the metro when they were too far away.

The first impression you get is that this is a big city with a lot of construction work being done everywhere and the feeling of chaos. To add context, we had chosen a special date: El Día de San Jordi (Saint George’s day). I was surprised by the vast amount of people frequenting the streets, walking between stalls of roses and books (as is tradition). Although the experience was a fun one and not nearly as annoying as it may appear, we always managed to find a more relaxed area where we could rest for a bit.

Barcelona is cosmopolitan, especially compared to the rest of Spain. We had the opportunity to eat in a Greek restaurant.

In relation to touristic attractions, there are certainly a lot of places to see.

The city has plenty of architectural gems, with many buildings boasting unusual or abstract characteristics which have formed the stereotypical image of Barcelona. In this respect, one cannot overlook the immense influence that Gaudí’s work has over the city.

La Sagrada Familia, the mind boggling edifice, is without doubt the city’s global symbol and a must see. One cannot visit Barcelona without visiting this temple/eternal construction site, constantly surrounded by cranes.

Casa Batlló was flaunted in beautiful decoration in dedication to the St George’s day festival.

Park Güell is another one of the city’s iconic symbols. I really enjoyed visiting it as it is located in a high up area of the city and during the walk up, the views are impressive. There is one part which you need to pay for in order to access and whilst being a bit expensive, is well worth it.

We also decided to visit the Nou Camp, the stadium of Barcelona football club. The ticket was also expensive, but it offers a comprehensive view of the stadium and is still worth it even if you do not follow the team.

I particularly liked the area around the port. It’s lovely to work around during the day or at night as it offers a beautiful view of the city and it also has the Maremagnum shopping centre in an unbelievable location. During the evening, people tend to sit next to the port to relax and hang out with friends right next to the sea.

There is a special vibe in Barcelona. Walking around Las Ramblas during sunset, seeing so many different types of people is a unique experience.

It also seems a perfect place to go out partying. If you don’t particularly want to, there is no need to go to the big, famous clubs. There are loads and loads of bars and small clubs where the atmosphere is so much fun.

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