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Barcelona - Bcn - Barça...

Published by flag-fr Pauline Bernier — 14 years ago

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I stayed in Barcelona for a month last year in August. I hadn't planned it at all, and I happen to have had the best time of my life there. Partying, going to the beach, working at the Hard Rock Café, partying... I was living in a horrible apartment in el Raval, but it was worth it coz I met great people from everywhere. And it's right in the centre so lots of bars, clubs, some of them are pretty much for tourists so they can be expensive, but there are lots of small places that are not that expensive and more... "typical". Of course this was summer. I had to go back to France to study and now I'm back in Barcelona since January to do an internship.

Of course it's pretty different when you're in a city to work and not actually get up at 4pm and go out til the next day. Now I live in Gracia, a few metro stops away from the centre. Not as touristic as el Raval for example. More Spanish people, more typical bars, and less noise.

Either way I can say I'm loving the life in Barcelona. You can meet people very easily, the city really is beautiful and has character thanks to Gaudi and Guell and others.

You kinda forget your problems in Barcelona.

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Comments (6 comments)

  • flag-es Joan Boixadós Sanuy 14 years ago

    so..u partied twice? ;D it's great to read people enjoying their time here in Barcelona...its like that film 'L'auberge espagnole' (my french sucks...)...ive always wanted to do so...it would just be bit stupid to live that way in my own city hehhe...expecting for something like that soon anywhere else ;) (i hope u changed your mind about "not having noise" during Gracia's main party ;D)

  • flag-fr Pauline Bernier 14 years ago

    yeah you know what I mean... :D Yeah it was pretty much like the movie lol so where do you wanna move ? Have any idea yet ?

  • flag-es Joan Boixadós Sanuy 14 years ago

    I'd like to go to Trondheim/Bergen (norwegian west coast) but those aren't probably main student cities at all...like other european cities i mean...every place has positive and negative points...

  • flag-gb Ruairidh Moir 14 years ago

    me and my two freinds are coming to Barcelona in January for 5 months and we are looking to live in Gracia but are finding it hard to locate accomodation. Any suggestions?

  • flag-fr Pauline Bernier 14 years ago

    Well maybe you\'ve already used it but the best thing to do when looking for accomodation or for a job is loquo.com. But be careful because you should always see the room before renting it, I advise you to stay at a hostel for a week first and then visit as many flats as you can.

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