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    Indonesian Experience (Gili Meno Part 4)

    Getting there We had a blast relaxing and adventure seeking back in Gili Trawangan. We snorkeled, ate, drank and enjoyed our time among the busy streets of Gili Trawangan with tourists and locals alike. After a few days of doing so we decided to call it an end as we...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
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    Indonesian Experience (Gili Trawangan Part 3)

    Getting there We’ll be picking off from our Nusa Penida experience. An amazing experience of raw Indonesian nature and snorkeling. Aquatic sealife of all types and an exotic experience overall. I highly recommend that you read into ‘Indonesian Experience: Nusa...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
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    Incredible Indonesia (Nusa Penida Part 2)

    To the port This piece picks off from the last article called ‘Indonesian Experience Part 1’. I had had a stunning day travelling with one of my mates. I had enjoyed my first full day with my mate travelling around Kuta. I won't be going into too much detail of...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
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    Experience in Bali, Indonesia by Ni Wayan

    What is it like to live in Bali? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Bali is a small island with a lot of beaches and temples. Since Bali has become very touristy, you can find a lots 5 stars hotels, resorts and villas as well as a reasonable accommodation...

    0 by Ni wayan, 7 years ago
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    Travels through South East Asia

    Last year, I've paused my studies for a year to save money and travel through South-East Asia for half a year, it was awesome! Please, promise yourself right now that at some point, before you grow up to be a 'real' adult with a job and stuff, you'll go travelling by...

    0 by L, 8 years ago

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