10 reasons why doing your Erasmus in Athens

Live the Erasmus experience in Athens, a city that combines the best of Europe's three great pleasures: good gastronomy, a good quality of life and beautiful landscapes and monuments to admire.

Athens is undoubtedly a spectacular Erasmus destination, so say the students who have already been able to experience what it feels like to be one of the streets of Athens. Let's see why!

1. Mediterranean climate

We start with one of the reasons why students choose this heavenly destination. With more than 300 days of sunny weather a year, it is impossible to resist the charms of Athens! You'd better pack your suitcase with fresh clothes and lots of swimsuits because you're going to need them!

Take advantage of the Mediterranean climate on the famous Greek islands, really near to Athens. You can also take advantage of any of the many sunny days at the best beaches in Athens!

2. Greek gastronomy

If you thought you would return from Athens with a body sculpted in marble like the one worn by the famous figures that star in Greek history, I am sorry but it won't be as easy as it seems.

Greek food is rich in local products. Mainly based on the Mediterranean diet, the Greek gastronomy has exquisite dishes that will make you drool as soon as you see them, such as the famous musaka or the baklava, a dessert you won't be able to resist. Take a look at the places where to eat in Athens and point out which are your must-go when you arrive!

3. The Greeks and their charm

It is impossible not to want to go on Erasmus to Athens with how wonderful its people are. Famous for being social and open-minded, all those Athenians will welcome you with open arms and will enthusiastically show you all that you have in the city to discover. Wherever you go, there will always be a person ready to help you if you need it. Without a doubt, its people make Athens a place you won't want to leave.

4. The non-stop atmosphere

What is an Erasmus without a party? Be that as it may, you won't have to experience it, because in Athens the atmosphere resurfaces at sunset. In a schedule similar to that of Spain, the students decide to go out starting at 22:00 at night, ready to give their all until dawn if necessary.

You will find bars, pubs and discos for everyone's tastes, as well as companions and students everywhere who will join you without even doubting. If you want to party, don't worry, you're going to party!

5. Historical places

Are you a fan of Hercules film and dream of visiting the temple of Zeus? Now, for only €3 with the student discount, you can visit such emblematic and important monuments for the history of Greece such as the largest temple in Greece, the Acropolis, where you can visit in person the famous Parthenon, or even the Panathinaikó stadium, where the first Olympic Games in history took place.

6. The cost of living in Athens

If you are short of budget but do not want to give up a dream Erasmus, Athens is your city. Despite being a popular tourist destination among travelers around the world, Athens claims to be a cheap and affordable city, even for a student's pocket!

You don't have to worry, because with a budget of approximately € 600 per month, you will have enough to survive in the Greek capital; what do I say survive, you have plenty to enjoy life in Athens! So the answer is yes, the cost of living in Athens is more than affordable for a student budget.

7. Language is not a problem

If you are worried about coming to a country which language you don't understand, don't worry, practically any inhabitant you find in Athens will speak English perfectly. All you have to do is practise your English to be able to go and enjoy your Erasmus in Athens without knowing Greek!

Still, I recommend that you sign up for Greek language courses or ask natives of Athens to help you learn the basics once you have settled down. People will be happy to help you and teach you basic expressions to interact with people in your daily routine in Athens, such as υχαριστώ (pronounced efharisto), which means thank you, or Παρακαλώ (pronounced parakaló), which would mean you're welcome or please. You will see a huge smile in return!

8. Superb location

The city of Athens has a great diversity of places to visit, but thanks to its location, you can go one step further and explore new territories that you cannot miss. Among them, we recommend that you visit the city of Nafplio, just two hours from Athens and famous for the incredible festivals they organize. Another great place is Aegina, Aráchova, or the city of Chalcis. If you are interested in the islands, try doing a three-in-one by joining the day cruise to the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina!

In addition, Athens has the privilege of being one of the cities with the cheapest flights in Europe, so start searching now, because you will find up to 30 different cities to fly to for less than € 50 from Athens!

9. The university facilities

The University of Athens, less common although officially known as National and Capodistrian University of Athens, has the vote of all Erasmus students who have stepped on its classrooms. It is a huge university, having many faculties among which classes, libraries and different facilities are distributed. Fortunately, they are all close to each other, so it will be easy for you to move from one place to another.

Being Erasmus, you have the possibility to attend classes in English instead of in Greek, which is a great advantage. Furthermore, you can sign up for the ESN, called ESN KAPA, and thus enjoy the discounts, events and excursions that they organize!

If you still have doubts, take a look at the opinions of other students who were in the University of Athens, who better than them to advise you!

10. Accommodation rental

One of the great advantages of why you should do your Erasmus in Athens is how cheap and affordable the accommodation is. You just need to allocate a budget of € 150-300 for the rental apartment in Athens and you will have plenty to continue enjoying your life in the capital.

Would you like to live in the student neighbourhood of Atenas? Then look at Zografou, where most of the faculties of the University of Athens are located. If you are looking near the university, you will save public transport every day. Do you prefer to live in the center? Try looking in the Monastiraki, Psyri and Plaka area, where you will have access to everything you may need. Don't forget to search in advance for what will be your next Athens rental apartment so as not to be left empty-handed!

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