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Erasmus Experience in Alicante, Spain by Marion

Why did you choose to do to Alicante, Spain?

To improve my Spanish and as I live in Paris, discovering a seaside city such as Alicante seemed a good idea to me.

Erasmus Experience in Alicante, Spain by Marion


How long is your stay for? How much aid do you receive?

I'm staying for a semester and I will receive 160 euros a month from October.

How is student life in Alicante?

Super! The Spanish and the Erasmus are adorable.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Alicante to other students?

Yes, without a doubt.

How is the country's food?

The tapas are very nice.

Erasmus Experience in Alicante, Spain by MarionTapas


Did you have any difficulties in finding accommodation in Alicante?

No. There are lots of announces in Alicante.

How are living costs in Alicante?

I don't know yet.

How is the learning of the language? Did you go to any language courses organised by the University?

It's a bit difficult to approach the Spanish students but little by little, we see progress!

What's the most affordable way to get to Alicante from your city?

By plane.

Which places would you recommend to go out to party in Alicante?

The centre and the old town.

And to eat in Alicante? What are your favourite places?

I've only been there for 3 weeks unfortunately so I don't have a response.

And what cultural visits do you advise?

The castle! Valencia too, which isn't far.

Erasmus Experience in Alicante, Spain by MarionThe Santa Barbara castle




Any advice to give to future Erasmus students in Alicante?

Relax. The Spanish are very kind and the teachers are understanding. Don't forget your swimsuits either!

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