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    Umeå pride 2018

    Just came home, and have a great feeling, after the umepride 2018... Was the first time i have ever been in a pride parade, so did not what to expect.. From videos and pictures in big cities, I was ready for a lot of colours, music and glitter all around. But...

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    Rotterdam, first time in the Netherlands...

    Thinking about winter 2017, remember my self as a girl who wanted to go abroad and experience something new... After some research, I thought that studying abroad would be a great choice for me... and then found Erasmus university, and my dream was to start studying...

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    19 weird things about Sweden

    Coming here, I didn't really know what to expect, and I was really correct. I have met some Swedish during my trips and always interested in Swedish culture (some Pipi Långstrump, Laureen, Nils Holgerson, ABBA and Elena Paparizou was mainly my Swedish education until I...

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    Grattis på födelsedagen!

    So, finally 20... The first idea was not to celebrate my birthday, other than a prinsesstårta in the preparty on Saturday night. However, as some german people told me, celebrating your birthday before the actuall day is bad luck in Germany. So then, Rebecca, a best...

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    Team building day and first international pub!

    Just woke up with a terrible hangover, after yesterday night, but let´s start from the beginning! So the day started yesterday morning, a warm, sunny day in the universum. (That's the campus, when no snow... ) All the buddy groups were gathered, and then we started...

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    Back in Umeå aka introduction (aka I don't know how to start)

    So the time came for me to finally start a blog! Some of you may think: why she starts a blog and what she is going to talk about... Well (you may are right)... To be honest I am not 100% what I am going to write here either, but the idea came back in the end of 2017...

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