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  • Experience

    Experience in Debrecen, Hungary by shahzad

    What is it like to live in Debrecen? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It a small town with very niceee restaurants. City become very beautiful esp in autumn.What is the student lifestyle like in Debrecen? Yeaaa bit hard studies but the atmosphere is...

    0 by shahzad in Erasmus experiences Debrecen, 3 years ago
  • Place


    Its the number 1 restaurant in lappeenranta city with all kind of foods they have kebab pizza and others. If you like spicy indian pakistani food then you should visit this. I was surprised with very nice and kind behaviour of the staff there also. And its in the best...

    by shahzad in Where to eat Lappeenranta, 3 years ago
  • Experience

    Cold weather

     My experience was awesome in finlad i travelled alot in finland   close to russia i was (saint petersburg)  . I went to sweden and norway also   Its even easy to go from helsinki to estonia tallinn . So i feel its a mid point and best to travel .  . If you are...

    0 by shahzad in Erasmus experiences LUT , 3 years ago
  • Blog


    Finland  is an amazing country with  full of snow and water . I remember it was my ist day there and temperature was -20 in helsinki . Wowow bloody cold , but  after 2 , 3 days i  totally forgot about temperature and just fall in love with  kindness and beauty of...

    0 by shahzad in Erasmus blog LUT, 3 years ago

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