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  • New York Public Library

    The origins of this noble institution lie in the era in which New York was emerging as one of the world's most important cities. In the second half of the 19th century, New York had overtaken Paris in terms of population and was steadily approaching London, then the...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Times Square

    Times Square is the most crowded place in New York, known for its numerous Broadway theatres, cinemas and gigantic screens. It's one of the places which really make New York the city that never sleeps. At the end of the nineteenth century, the city of New York had...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Brooklyn Bridge

    Introduction Brooklyn Bridge is located in New York City between Manhattan and Brooklyn, connecting the city's two most famous districts. It's one of the American city's most famous symbols, and at the same time is one of the most famous, most visited and most...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • 'El ahorcado feliz' - The Happy Hangman

    The Happy Hangman café (El ahorcado feliz) is a bar next to Plaza Santa Eulalia. There are a lot of cool places in this area, and I like going there at night to eat or have a few drinks. It's quite a big bar, though it doesn't look like it from the outside. Its door is...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Wall Street

    A short history It was built in 1644 in the centre of Manhattan 'island' by the Dutch to protect against British attacks. Years later, the defence wall has been removed, but the street remains, giving it the name of Wall Street. We think of Wall Street as the world...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • The Cavern Pub

    The Cavern Pub, opposite the Cavern Club on Mathew Street, has a wall outside it upon which is listed the names of all the artists who have played at the Cavern Club since its opening in 1957. Among these are the Fab Four, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, The Who, Stevie...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Strawberry Fields

    Strawberry Fields is a monument dedicated to the world-famous singer, composer and peace activist John Lennon. During his career with The Beatles and his work as a solo artist, Lennon's music gave hope and inspiration for world peace, and his memory and mission live on...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Grand Central Station

    Introduction Grand Central Terminal is located in Manhattan (New York) and is one of the most famous and most visited train stations in the world. It's an important tourist stop in Manhattan. Grand Central Terminal was opened in 1923 and is one of the architectural...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Coney Island

    Coney Island is one of the tourist sights in Brooklyn that I most enjoyed visiting in New York, which is why I think it deserves a separate entry. Coney Island is a peninsula on the very edge of southern Brookyln, and forms a large beach on the shore of the Atlantic...

    0 by Helen, 4 years ago
  • Le Marais

    Le Marais is one of the strangest and most extravagant areas of Paris. I'd never heard of it before, though my friend insisted on us going there; and her insistence was well worth it. An artist's district, Le Marais spans small streets and squares with multi-coloured...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Porta Portese Market

    Why have I chosen this title for this post? Why's this market so magical? I'll tell you why. This place is similar to the Madrid fleamarket, a place where you can find absolutely everything - whatever you're looking for, it'll be here somewhere. It's the biggest market...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Hohenzollern Bridge

    Hohenzollern Bridge, or Hohenzollernbrücke in German, is the second biggest tourist attraction in the German city of Cologne, the most densely populated city within the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Of the seven bridges which cross the majestic River Rhine,...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Apollo Theatre

    The Apollo Hall was founded in the city of New York in the mid-1860s by ex-civil war general Eduardo Ferrero as a dance hall. On the expiration of its contract in 1872, the building was turned into a theatre but closed a few years before the turn of the century. The...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Potsdamer Platz

    Potsdamer Platz is one of the most important squares in Berlin. Located in the city centre, the square is close to the German capital's main tourist attractions, such as Tiergarten Park, the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Monument, the Topography of Terror and...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • New York City Hall

    Completed in 1812, the third New York City Hall surrounded by a restored park occupies a unique place in United States history. The spacious and elegant interior of the City Hall has seen many changes in its 200 years, above all when office space was created for the...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Museum of Sex

    The intention of David Gluck, the founder of the Museum of Sex in New York City, was to create a museum dedicated to 'the history, evolution and cultural importance of human sexuality'. Through its exhibitions, programs and publication, the Museum of Sex is committed...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Charging Bull, the Wall Street Bull

    Arturo Di Modica first came up with the idea for New York's charging bull as a way of celebrating the American spirit of power, especially in New York, where people from all over the world could come to, regardless of their origin and of their circumstances, and...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • The Burial of the Sardine

    The Burial of the Sardine is celebrated in Murcia during the Spring Festival. These always take place the week after Easter Week in Spain, and the day of the burial is celebrated on the Saturday of the following week, though it has in the past been celebrated on the...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

    We found ourselves surrounded by shadow, frozen before the uneven topography of the place, and I saw myself surrounded, locked in, while the desperation, the fear and the emotion I felt when leaving froze me to the spot. The city of Berlin, capital of Germany, is like...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Reichstag

    The Reichstag building is one of the most important in Berlin, being the headquarters of the German Parliament's Lower Chamber and, in my opinion, one of the prettiest buildings in Berlin. Constructed only a few centuries ago, the Reichstag building has nonetheless...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago
  • Nikolaiviertel

    The St. Nicholas quarter, or the Nikolaiviertel in German, is the oldest district in Berlin. It's located between the Spree River and the red city hall, a few minutes away from Alexanderplatz. The district can also be considered the most historical district in Berlin,...

    0 by Helen, 5 years ago

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