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Harriet Shirley-Priest

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Santiago de Compostela

Harriet Shirley-Priest

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Santiago de Compostela
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  • Blog

    Bratislava, as a capital city (1/2)

    2nd February 2016 Arriving in the suburbs of Bratislava on the express train from Vienna. "Oh, shoot! " I said to myself on the train to Bratislava, as I looked in my coat pocket. I still had the postcard for my aunt and uncle! If I were staying in Austria, I wouldn't...

    0 by Harriet in Erasmus blog Bratislava, 9 months ago
  • Blog

    Çeşme, Izmir (English)

    Çeşme is a small town close to the Greek Islands and around 90km from Izmir, Tchechmè. (Çeşme means fountain, or water source). It's easy to get there from Izmir on the bus, which costs around 15 Turkish Lira from Izmir bus station; or also from the airport with...

    0 by Harriet in Erasmus blog Turkey, 9 months ago
  • Experience

    A year in Prague

    During my second year at Sciences Po Grenoble, I did an international mobility period in the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. I started preparing far in advance for my trip - I was only 17 at the time and this made the process for setting off abroad all the more...

    0 by Harriet in Erasmus experiences Prague, 10 months ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus experience in Daejeon, South Korea, by Jnn

    Why did you choose to go to Daejeon, South Korea? I knew people there, and the opportunity came up. How long does your stay last? How much funding do you get? 2 years Source What is the student atmosphere like in Daejeon? It's good, although there are way fewer...

    0 by Harriet in Erasmus experiences Daejeon, 10 months ago

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