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Erasmus experience in Daejeon, South Korea, by Jnn

Why did you choose to go to Daejeon, South Korea?

I knew people there, and the opportunity came up.

How long does your stay last? How much funding do you get?

2 years


What is the student atmosphere like in Daejeon?

It's good, although there are way fewer students than in Seoul of course.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Daejeon to other students?

Yes, for those who are looking for a less stressful and less expensive city than Seoul. It's peaceful and friendly. The mountains and nature are right on the doorstep.

Not for people who are looking to have nights out.

How is the country's food?

Good and affordable. Often spicy.

Did you have any trouble finding accommodation in Daejeon?

No, but I knew people who helped me...

What's the cost of living in Daejeon?

Affordable if you don't go out much


What's the cheapest way of getting to Daejeon from your city?

The bus is really good for travelling between cities all over Korea.

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