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Chocolate Story Factory

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York's Chocolate Museum

Translated by Jennifer Rutter — one year ago

Original text by Solène Durville

The York chocolate story factory is an interactive museum that covers the entire history of chocolate in York. In this city-centre museum you will discover the first chocolate ever created and can compare it with today's creations.

At York Chocolate Story you will walk through the different floors, led by an English-speaking guide. The guide and installations such as videos bring the history of chocolate to life. The guide discusses the videos further which adds more to the presentation.

York's Chocolate Museum

In the museum you will be encouraged to taste different types of chocolate, "quality street" are the first chocolates that you will taste. At the end of your visit you will create your own chocolate lolly that you can take home and you will watch a chocolate-making demonstration by a master chocolatier who will allow you to taste the goods at the end.

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