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Last drop inn

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Beer, good food and free wifi!

Published by Mónica LH — 5 years ago

"Last drop inn" was the point where we drank most of the beer we had during our York trip. 

It is a really nice place, full of room and with some tables to spend time with the friends. It is opened since lunch (or even before, I am not so sure) till 1 a.m. (I guess). So I have been there at luch time having some nice nachos and I have been also drinking beer during the night.

They have many different pints (dark, light, English, Spanish...) and they are not that expensive (everytime I took Guiness draught and it was about 3.20 pounds).

Their food is also really good, and you have a wide range of options to choose. My mates recommend jacked potatoes. They have also some offers, based on a main deal and a beverage.

People working there are really friendly, so don't hesitate about asking them any doubt or for some suggestions if you feel like. 

At night, I guess it is just during the weekend, there are some alive concert. One night there was a man playing some covers (Bob Dylan, one of the best musicians ever) with his guitar. Really nice.

And it is also near the city centre (almost by whipa-whopa gate) , so you can go at anytime!

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