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Experience in Yildiz Technical University, Turkey by çağla

Generally, what is Yildiz Technical University like?

One of the best and oldest technical universities of Turkey. Davutpaşa campus was a barracks in history and has a historical value. It has a large garden called 'Middle Garden' in its big campus in Davutpaşa, where students can find a social and friendly environment and host many animals. Beşiktaş campus is known for its cats and Davutpaşa campus is known for its dogs.

What are the facilities like?

I am studying at Davutpaşa Campus. I think the best part of this campus is that each faculty has its own area and cafe. Every faculty has a cafe. Also our dining hall,which students may have lunch and dinner in and offer fixed and delicious meals ,and library also have a café where people from all faculties meet.We have MEDICAL AND SPORTS FACILITIES (Swimming Pool and Fitness Center).

(In the Medico-Social medical units located both on Yıldız Main Campus and Davutpaşa Campus, medical service is provided to students, academic and administrative staff and the family members that they are liable to look after and the retired staff.)

I feel lucky with its large campus and facilities.

What are the tutors like?

It depends on which lesson you take . But generally Yıldız Technical University has very good and knowledgeable educators who some of them are known in the field of construction. Of course there are also bad instructors besides these.

Are the lessons easy in Yildiz Technical University?

When i compare to universities in Europe, main lessons of Civil Engineering Faculty are difficult such as Physics,Dynamic ,Static,Strengt of materials etc.. Elective moduls are easy to pass .

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

Most of students take part in the activities of student clubs and all social, cultural and sports activities. Sports and cultural festivals are organized by student clubs and organizations. These festivals include sports competitions, conferences, panels, theater performances, concerts and films that are all managed by student.I love this atmosphere :)

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

I don't like the education system of Turkey . But YTU has a good quality of teaching . I do not think that laboratory and practice lessons are sufficient. I think it should be improved. But it is still one of the best and oldest universities in the fields of engineering in Turkey.

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