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Experience in Yildiz Technical University, Turkey by Atakan

Generally, what is Yildiz Technical University like?

One of the important universities in Turkey. Especially, it is located in Istanbul where is an incredible city in the world. There are two campuses. One of them is Davutpaşa campus in Davutpaşa, other one is Yıldız campus in Beşiktaş. Yıldız campus is better than the other. Because of Beşiktaş :p

What are the facilities like?

You can find everything and do different activities what you want in this city. :)

Are the lessons easy in Yildiz Technical University?

Actually, it can change in every department and academicians. Especially, in economics, easy. :)

Does the University organize activities; what are they like?

there are a lot of activities such as travel, parties, bla bla. And keep in your mind that you will be in İstanbul. There are so much activities here. :)

Do you think the teaching is of a high quality?


Are there any stories you can share?

Yıldız campus in Beşiktaş is really important for me. Because this campus is like forest or garden from heaven. After lessons, you can walk to Beşiktaş in 10 minutes. Then you can eat something near the Bosphorus and drink something like tea or coffee. You can find different vehicles or ferries to go other places. Beşiktaş is one of the central area in Istanbul. :)





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