Arriving in Vilnius

Published by flag-gr Rachel Kl — 7 years ago

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It was the 28th of January.

The time had finally come that i would say goodbye to my country and take off for Lithuania. Since there are no direct flights, i had to fly first to Copenhagen airport and then from there i took another flight to Vilnius. I had delays in both my flights - thank you Scandinavian Airlines - so when i grounded in Lithuanian territory, it was already the 29th. When i got myself out of the plane, there was a small snowstorm going on and my first impression was like: 'damn it is actually cold in here! '

I was very tired from the long trip. Thank god, my dearest mentor was there to help me. Aydin (my mentor) and Rustam, were waiting for me in the airport. I was very happy to see them. I exchanged some money and then we took a cab, to my residence. Vilnius Airport is quite small and not far from the city. In addition, taxi's fees are very low in Lithuania and as i found out later, work in one way: if you want a taxi, you need to call for it. You can't take it from the streets and if a driver accepts to let you in, you'll definitely pay more.

Anyways, i sat back on my seat, feeling relieved and watched the landscape as we were driving away from the airport.

'So much snow', i admitted to the guys when asked about my impression. I was astonished!

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