485 € / month (bills included)

Cozy and private student accommodation at 22 district in Vienna



A student or a internship student who gets the confirmation of registeration in the Vienna university.

The age should be between 18 to 33

Facilities: desk, chair, bed, mettress, cushion and quilt, microwave, fridge, stove top, work top/ sink, trash can, shower panel, fitting for shower, basin, basin faucet, mirror, toilet, toilet paper holder, toilet brush, wardrobe for clothes + boards, movable storage contianer, lounge chair, heaters and so on..

These are all used prviately

I can give a pen, fork, knife, bowl, and other cookers.

The period:

You can live in here from 2nd of July (2018) until the date below.

2nd of July (2018) ~ 31th of July (2018)

2nd of July (2018) ~ 31th of August (2018

2nd of July (2018) ~ 28th of September (2018)

2nd of July (2018) ~ 31th of Januarly (2019

2nd of July (2018) ~ 28th of Feburary (2019)

You can't move out at October, November, December of 2018.

There is no uncomfortable thing to live alone. U2 station is just nearby this accomodation and there are Hofer, Mcdonald in 15minutes distance by foot. If you are interested in this place, Plz feel free to contact me.

Still available!

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