Christmas market in Vienna

Good afternoon, readers! I am taking advantage of these very special holidays to talk to you about the Christmas market in Vienna. As you know, there is a tradition in many European countries to visit the most well-known Christmas markets. Not only those in the big cities, but the small towns also have their own.

Normally, all the markets are set up in the main square of each city. These markets manage to attract thousands of tourists and also offer a different activity for the local people. The idea for the local people is to meet at the market with their loved ones, eat typical food or buy a small Christmas decoration for the tree.



This main square is filled with stalls adorned with lights and Christmas decorations. Normally, in almost all the squares the protagonist is a great Christmas tree. In the case of the Christmas market in Vienna, the most famous, biggest and most touristic, is set up in front of the Rathous, the town hall. Being the most centrical of all the squares and being surrounded by great monuments and the different Viennese museums, it fills with people and walking can sometimes end up being quite difficult. Even so, the best thing to do is to walk around calmly and stop at each stall. Each one is different. The good thing about there being so many people is that the cold is not so unbearable.


Among all the stalls, there are always some that stand out more than others, are the true protagonists of these Christmas markets. For example, you cannot miss the stall for punch or mulled wine. Neither can you walk past and not notice the Christmas ornaments used to decorate the tree (some of which are made by hand and carved from wood) or the Christmas sweets. In addition to these products, there are other stalls that sell products more designed for tourists, such as souvenirs from Vienna or other objects that aren’t related to Christmas. Ah, and you also cannot miss the stall that sells roasted chesnuts.

The market is open for almost the whole day, but the best thing to do is to go when it is almost night because the different-coloured Christmas lights stand out more against the dark. Seeing the Rathaus lit up is a marvel. Furthermore, just here is the ice-rink where you can skate. Renting the boots with the entrance fee costs €15. 50 in total (for the whole day). Here I will leave you some photos from the day that we visited the market. It is a unique atmosphere, unrepeated during the rest of the year.


The streets in the centre

As well as this market, the city of Vienna has a lot more, one for each square. In reality, the products are very similar in practically all the markets, but the stalls change their shape and colour. We went to the market that was near to Hofburg and another that was behind Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. We plan to visit another one, hopefully next year, which is the Schönbrunn market, which we are told is well worth a visit.

In addition to all these markets, the lights that run across the whole city of Vienna are already a spectacle themselves. To show you an example, I will leave you some photos with these very impressive spider-like lights, which give so much light to this street that leads to the cathedral, where you will find the most expensive boutiques in Vienna. And in the other photo you will see a kind of curtain of lights which gives off the effect of luminous rain.



For all these reasons it is not strange for the city of Vienna, at this time of year, to be full to the brim with tourists who do not want to miss this great Christmas market and all the markets that surround it. If you get the opportunity, do not hesitate to visit because you can really breathe in the pleasant Christmas spirit.

I hope that you have liked today’s post and I would like to wish you a happy new year. Goodbye, and see you soon.

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