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How it look the life in Verona:

Verona is a nice calm city, people are so kind and friendly, and when I went there just a few tourists were visiting it. Foods are not expensive and so varied.

Accommodation in Verona :

I think it easy to find accommodation in Verona, I just used the famous website airbnb, then we found a good apartment (clean and modern) near to the city center (15 min walking), and it was 25 € per person per night, and the fridge was full of food and the kitchen had all stuff we needed. The owners were very kind and helpful to us, they explained to us how to get in the bus station and which bus we need, and they waited for us in the first night until 23:00. During the last day, they allowed us to stay more time for free; then we could live Verona at night.


How much does it cost to spend one day in Verona ?

One day in Verona cost me 55 € including accommodation and food, and visiting the most important places for me in this old city.


Foods and drinks in Verona :

Verona gastronomy is so rich and varied, they have also so many restaurants and coffees, I tried Pizza which was more tasty and bigger than a pizza in Venice, sweets and also beers and wine were tasty. Waiters in restaurants were nice and English speakers, they helped us to choose the best traditional food they have, but I didn’t like that in Verona you should pay also for the table you are sitting at.

What places would you recommend visiting in Verona ?

And almost all people come to Verona because it the city where the famous couple Romeo and Juliet were living. The most important places in Verona are so close to each other; I visited the house of Juliet where it’s also her statue and also Romeo House even if it’s a private house and still people living in. i saw Dante ALIGHIERI statue, and visited the old theatre of  Verona, named (Magestuoso Teatro Arena de Verona). I was also in the place named (Arco della Costa) where a bone of the rib cage of the whale is attached to an old gate between two old houses; the myth said that if a woman walk below this bone, and the bone didn’t move, it means that she is virgin. I visited also so many other old places. In my opinion when you are walking in this beautiful city, you can feel the Antiquity of it.



door for the myth of Romeo and juliet where lovers attache small hearts to their love stay for ever


Juliet Statue


Juliet balcony


Romeo house


Magestuoso Teatro Arena de Verona


Dante ALIGHIERI statue


Arco della Costa

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