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Erasmus experiences Varese

  • 8 / 10 points

    Ilaria's Experience in Varese, Italy

    What does life in Varese seem like to you? Would you recommend it? What was the city like? Varese is a small city but it is an important centre! Close to Switzerland and to Milan, it offers varied landscapes- both mountains and a lake, perfect for summer. How was the...

    0 by Jordan, 11 months ago
  • 4 / 10 points

    Erasmus Experience in Varese, Italy by Metin

    Why did you choose to go to Varese, Italy? In Italy we just had two choices; one of them was Varese and I also had some friends who did their Erasmus in Varese, so that's why I chose Varese. Source How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you...

    0 by metin, 7 years ago
  • 5 / 10 points

    Experience in Varese, Italy by Denis

    What is it like to live in Varese? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It depends on what you are looking for, not the best city to have parties, but anyway you can find some nice club, above all during the summer, Zero Club like 20 min from Varese for...

    0 by Denis, 7 years ago

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