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  • María Mandiles

    Valencia is a small, very calm city and has lots of things to see. When it comes to food, I have found one of my favourite eateries in the city centre. On my first day here, I came across the beautiful María Mandiles restaurant a little after having visited Las Torres...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Món Orxata

    Because the palate must also be spoilt... One of the experiences that you absolutely cannot miss out on whilst in Valencia is trying natural Valencian tiger nut water (which is both lactose and gluten free), preferably from Món Orxata, which can be found being handed...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • 'Neco'. Mediterranean all-you-can-eat buffet

    'Neco' is a chain of all-you-can-eat restaurants in Valencia. Varied cuisine, homemade and Mediterranean for you to enjoy at your own pace. In 'Neco' you will be able to taste a huge variety of dishes of the Mediterranean gastronomy... Paella, rice, soup, salads, cold...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • Xiao II

    I like a lot Chinese food, so my friends and I went many times to this restaurant which was close to my house. There is an all-you-can-eat buffet everyday and I think it's the cheapest Chinese restaurant I've seen -in Valencia and in general. The buffet costs 6€, 7€...

    0 , 5 years ago
  • La Pepica

    Do you like paella? Have you tried the best paella in Spain? Before I ate in this famous restaurant on Malvarrosa beach in Valencia, I was naive enough to believe that no paella could ever be better than my mum's, but after eating here, I realised I was wrong (though my...

    0 , 7 years ago
  • Ciro

    This is a romantic, really nice place, to go with your friends, boy/girlfriend, family (if they are visiting). During the day you can choose between different menus, in the evening it depends. Could be they have a menu, but it could be they have different tapas to...

    0 , 9 years ago

    Https://www.facebook.com/buenobonitobaratovlc One video-blog which will give you all info about good eating in Valencia... and cheapest! Here you've 1 example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jIz_kCSFzI Also some recipe to cook easily and healthy at...

    0 , 9 years ago
  • Casa Montaña

    Today I would like to recomend you this typical place, famous all around spain for its dishes, wines and atmosphere. just have a look to the website and GO! good dishes to taste: Solomillo de buey trinchado con ajos tiernos, cecina de león, michirones (habas cocinadas)...

    0 , 11 years ago

    I wouldn't have recomended this place if I had thought that there "is people for everything", what it means that this is not a typical restaurant where you can go with your mates and not only for the price (is a bit expensive...around 12-15€/dish) if not also for the...

    0 , 11 years ago

    Here we are again to recommend you a really good place for dinner and party today :)Kaña Makán is a mediterranean-arab mixture bar placed in the Cedro Square, near Blasco Ibáñez and the University (UV). I discovered the place last year thanks to a friend and I go...

    0 , 11 years ago

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