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    Living in Vaasa for a year.

    Hey! My name is Blanca, I am spanish exchange student living in Vaasa during the academic year 2018-2019. I write this post to update how is doing your Erasmus in Vaasa, in case some future excange students might be interested. To be honest, Vaasa is a small windy city,...

    0 by Blanca in Erasmus experiences UWASA , 2 years ago
  • Blog

    The First Impressions

    It's now five days since I've arrived to Vaasa, and they've already went through lots of things. In this post, I'm going to talk of a lot of points that they've highlighted to me since I've been here, in a superficial way, and when I have more perspective, I will talk...

    0 by Zoe in Erasmus blog UWASA, 3 years ago
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    100 days of Erasmus

    My 100 days of Erasmus in 3 minutes: in this link. Captured moments from our university trip to Lapland, then self-trip to capital of Finland, Helsinki, and capital of Estonia, Tallinn. We were also in Stockholm, and throughout the video you can also see impressions and...

    0 by Čominika in Erasmus experiences UWASA , 6 years ago

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