Erasmus Universiteit van Amsterdam

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    Medical school Amsterdam

    My home University in Amsterdam. Had a good time and will be around for quite a bit for my masters and all. Good place to study! Great city to live in,, if you can find a room that is ;) Been around for 5 years now, delaying my studies a little for wider activities like...

    0 by Koen in Erasmus experiences UvA , 2 years ago
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    Experience in University of Amsterdam, Netherlands by Nils

    Source Generally, what is the University of Amsterdam like? De-centralized, chaotic, enlightened, experimental, interesting. What are the facilities like? Dispersed around town in the oldest buildings of town, moderately modern to very much up to date (they do all they...

    0 by Nils in Erasmus experiences UvA , 7 years ago

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