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Nice park in Utrecht

Published by Lucas Castelo

When I visited this park for the first time when I was in Utrecht I regretted not having gone there before! It's a fenced park outside the centre which makes it rather quiet inside. There's a lot of tall trees everywhere, making the whole place look almost like a forest. It's a really good place to go for a relaxing bike ride, walk or if you want to go running.


To make it even more interesting, there's a domestic animals zoo in the middle, where you can see a huge variety of birds, some goats, deers and other animals I could not name. My favourite had to be the white female peacock that I saw and simply had to photograph.


When it's sunny, many people get together here to have lunch doing picnic on a big clear spot where there are less trees. You just have to bring a mantelpiece, some food, and maybe a ball, and then you have your day figured out! Simply take into account that the place is really clean, so remember to keep it like that so everyone can still enjoy of a nice afternoon in the same place.


It makes for a great place to do some sport too. You can play some football there with some friends, or anything. You can see a lot of people doing different exercises as well. It's common to witness big groups of around 10 people stretching, doing push ups or even yoga. It's just like what you could expect from the perfect park of a truly living city full with young and energetic people.

The park's gate close at night, though, just to keep it clean and safe for everybody, so if you were looking for a place to go for a midnight walk, this might not be the one.


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