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Chill out lounge in Utrecht

Published by Lucas Castelo


Fezz is certainly one of my favourite chill out places in the Dutch city of Utrecht. A really cosy and comfortable exotic lounge in the centre of Utrecht, right next to the B&B Utrecht city hostel, where I used to stay. Every evening, I would go anywhere to have some drinks, and then I would always head to Fezz to finish off the night. It's also really close to a whole bunch of pubs and discos, so you won't have to walk much if you are tired of dancing or if you've just had enough of loud music and drunk people making a mess and want to escape to this mesmerizing place!


The dim lightning and the picturesque Arabic-themed decoration creates quite the atmosphere, which is increased even more with big clouds of smoke produced by everyone smoking shishas. It is completely relaxing. The best place to simply sit, and talk without caring about the rest of the world. Being there I will assure you that you will feel like if you were in a different world. This is all the truer given the huge contrast between the purely Dutch atmosphere of the city with the appearance of this establishment on the inside. Even if you don't want to risk it getting nicotine in your organism and decide not to smoke, the whole experience would be amazing. All the drinks, even sodas, are served in thick fancy looking glasses!


My favourite sitting spot at this place is a room at the back that I like to call the "VIP-area", even if anyone can go there: It's a small room filled with very comfortable sparky cushions to sit on, a mesmerizing painting of the eyes of a girl wearing a burka, and a big television that shows exclusively interesting shots of nature, that add to the "mystical aura" of the lounge.


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