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Published by Lucas Castelo

Your home in the city of Utrecht

During my time in Utrecht I lived and worked at this hostel as an unpaid intern. This place was my home and the people there my family. Just to get the bad parts out of the way, it's not the perfect hostel: some things are a bit old or need some repairing, and if there's a lot of people the rooms get hot and messy, but all the good things make up so much for it, you will completely ignore that. 


A changing family

Being a place that's run by young interns, it has a very young and fresh sort of aura. Being there will simply make you happy. You will meet someone that's just passing by and you will become best friends in no time. It will feel like you've known each other for ages! And there's so many people that go through that place that your family will only grow and grow, changing all the time as well -which, although sounds sad at first, makes it all the more exciting-. The common room and the back yard still hold most of my happiest memories. There will be excting moments as well as relaxing. Staying at the hostel feels just like living in a student house. You will be surrounded by very chill young people, most of them actually students, and you will never be lonely.


A world of cultures living together

There's also free unlimited food, which allows for many "cooking parties" or barbecue days, with people from all over the world cooking things like they do in their countries. But culture is also shared in many other ways. People will bring their music, their stories and traditions to the hostel, turning it into an everchanging crossroads of cultures.


Perfect location

It's also perfectly situated right in the city center, by the city moat. Everything in the city will be at a short bike ride distance of you. If you want to do some shopping, the  Hood Catharijne mall is 5 minutes away. Do you want to go out and party? Just walk further into the centrum and you will find pubs and discos practically everywhere! Or if you just want to relax laying on the grass watching boats pass by, you can step out and the hostel and cross the road to chill by the city moat.


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B&B Utrecht city hostel

Published by sandra dekker

the best place to stay in utrecht city center

the hostel b b utrecht city center


for erasmusu students they offer 6 months free internet when you are not staying in the hostel

when you stay 5 days you get one day for free till end 2015

when you stay in the hostel you get free simcard

free calling to all the landlines and mobilephones in the netherlands

the price is from 19.50 included breakfast lunch and dinner we supply you cook

great place to stay when you are looking for a room

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