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Erasmus blog Université Picardie-Jules-Verne Amiens

  • Amiens, the unknown city

    Hello everybody! I would like to share my Erasmus experience in Amiens with those that are able to read my small contribution to ErasmusU. I hope that this comes to help you and serves as a guide for your Erasmus experience in this magnificent city. Why Amiens? Well,...

    0 by Alison, 21 days ago
  • The last exam - End of the French University Career

    No motivation to study After our wonderful weekend together and the trip to Lille, I finally had to do something for my last exam. My boyfriend had to work, too, so after a long breakfast at Monday morning I brought him back to his apartment by car and returned to the...

    0 by Jenny, 3 years ago
  • Holidays are near

    Last exams before the holidays Finally, it was the week of the last exams which were only two in fact. Well, and two in the language and civilization courses but they were done with not even one hour of studying. The other courses had already finished. But for these two...

    0 by Jenny, 3 years ago
  • Exams are coming.

    The first important exam I did not have a lot of time to miss my Dad and his girlfriend because only some days after they left I would have the first big exam in France. The course would already end after 5 sessions which was something I didn't know from Germany, but...

    0 by Jenny, 3 years ago
  • First Day at French University - Quoi?!

    First Day - Being lost And there it was - the first day of university in France. It felt like my very first day at university, even if I had already studied for 1,5 years in Germany. So I took the Bus to the station that was written down in the internet as "station next...

    0 by Jenny, 3 years ago
  • University chaos, help me!

    Planning the courses So, after I received the (devastating) results of my language test Sunday morning (yes, they are working on weekends! ) I spent my whole free day trying to develop a schedule for the rest of the semester. As I usually have a fixed timetable at my...

    0 by Jenny, 3 years ago

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