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I will dedicate this post to the Libraries of the UOA, but also those of our Faculty (Law), so that it will be easier for you to search the books you might need as an erasmus student in Athens.

  • I have already mentioned the Students' Club and its Library: 15, Ippokratous Street (precisely the library is on the 2ndfloor)

  • Commercial and Maritime Law Library, 33, Ippokratous Str, 6thFloor.

  • Labour and Social Security Law, 33, Ippokratous Str, 6thFloor.

  • Civil Procedure Law, 33, Ippokratous Str, 3rdFloor.

  • Civil Law, 33, Ippokratous Str., 2ndFloor

  • Penal Law, 57, Solonos Str., 2ndFloor

  • Public Law, 33, Ippokratous Str., 5thFloor

  • Philosophy of Law, 33, Ippokratous Str., 4thFloor

I should mention that there are also some studying rooms, where you can go:

  • the Pedagogical University's studying room (13, Navarinou Street, 2ndFloor). I have been told that it is really quiet there and it is easy to concentrate, but I have never been there myself.

  • the Faculty of Medicine's Library, which stays open 24 hours a day. It is situated in the area of Goudi, near the metro station “Ampelokipi” -approximately 15 minutes walking from there. It is quite a small space, so it fills with students really quickly, but, since it stays open the whole night, there is some kind of unofficial “shift-changing” going on (I highly doubt that anyone would stay the whole 24 hours of a day so, eventually, there seat will be liberated). Many of my friends go there -for me it's kind of unpractical, because of its location. However, I was in the Medical School once or twice to see some friends and I can say it is quite easy to concentrate.

  • The Panteion University's Library: In 136, Syggrou Avenue, this library is accessible preferably by bus (A2, E2, B2, 136, 137, 134, 450, E90, 550, 450, 040, E22) but I haven't been there either, because it is neither in the Centre of Athens, nor in the suburbs near my neighbourhood. But, for students who live nearby, I am sure it would be a decent choice.

  • The National Technical University of Athens dorms' studying room. It has become quite popular lately and it is situated in the area of Zografou (so, students of the Faculties that are there would probably prefer to study there. The studying room is in Kokkinopoulou Street.

    Good luck with your studies!

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  • flag- Yusra Eltayeb 11 months ago

    Hi! I’ve got an offer to study medicine here. What’s the building like? And the people on the course in general. Thank you in advance x

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