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Erasmus blog National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

  • The rest of the UOA Libraries

    I will dedicate this post to the Libraries of the UOA, but also those of our Faculty (Law), so that it will be easier for you to search the books you might need as an erasmus student in Athens. I have already mentioned the Students' Club and its Library: 15,...

    1 , 10 years ago
  • Library

    The Library of Ippokratous street in the Centre of Athens, is quite famous among the University students. It goes by numerous different names such as “Students' Club” or “Studying Rooms”. And you will find people who have spent many hours there studying -like...

    0 , 10 years ago
  • Erasmus in UOA

    During my four years in the Faculty of Law in the University of Athens, I have only met 2(! ) erasmus students: a French guy and a Spanish girl. This doesn't necessarily mean that there are that few erasmus students, because I am sure that if I were part of one of the...

    0 , 10 years ago
  • Law and Art

    A few years ago, when I was in my second year of Law School, I heard about a brand new extracurricular activityand decided to join: it was a group called Law and Art. The idea was to find different ways to combine law and art and organize seminars every week in order to...

    0 , 10 years ago

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