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Erasmus Università degli Studi di Siena

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    Erasmus semester

    I can recommend erasmus here, but there is a lot of walking, public transport I would rate 1 out of 10 . Accommodation is great for students, except the one 3 km from the center. ESN is doing a great job with activities, almost every day there were events and trips....

    0 by Kinga in Erasmus experiences UNISI , 10 months ago
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    University of Siena

    The University of Siena is where I studied, and I'm currently finishing my career, offers a lot of courses taught in Italian and English. They had developed an international and multidisciplinary approach. In my Law school, you can find reliable professors, but, I have...

    0 by Nicolò in Erasmus experiences UNISI , 2 years ago
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    Culture of Italy

    Hi! I would like to share my experience on Italy and Italian culture. I wanted to start with a very beautiful city of Italy, Siena, which has great nature. First of all, although Siena is a very little town, it is better than Rome or any other big cities of Italy. If...

    0 by Me in Erasmus experiences UNISI , 3 years ago

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