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Culture of Italy

Hi! I would like to share my experience on Italy and Italian culture.

I wanted to start with a very beautiful city of Italy, Siena, which has great nature. First of all, although Siena is a very little town, it is better than Rome or any other big cities of Italy. If you go to Rome, it is much more complicated because there are a lot of people and you have to be more careful. However, in Siena, when I came here first it was really beautiful because even people you do not know was smiling at you and say 'Buongiorno', 'Chiao'(by the way, do not say Chiao to your professors because it is not a formal way). The weather is very clear and mostly sunny. Even in January it is not so cold. The best thing I liked about Siena, there is not any wind!


The people in Siena are very fashionable. Even in Sundays, the most entertaining thing for people is to shop. They are well dressed and they care about it so much.In weekends, you can see young people in Campo, drinking wine and talking with friends. Every saturdays, there are parties. Every wednesdays, there are erasmus parties which are free.

If you come to Siena, it means that you are in a wine center. There are really great wines. The most famous one is 'Chianti'. They are very cheap(2 or more euros), and incredibly tasty. Especially if you buy from the fabric (near Badesse)they can be much cheaper and tastier. You can go to the most famous restaurant of Italy which is called 'Nannini'. The tastiest ice creams are given in 'Grom'. It is near the 'Nannini'

Here is my experience with Siena! I hope it is enough to convince you to travel to Siena at least one time.

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