Erasmus University of Nicosia

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    Experience in University of Nicosia, Cyprus by Stelios

    Generally, what is University of Nicosia like? It's the biggest Private University in CyprusWhat are the facilities like? Huge campus with more than 20 buildings and all the relevant facilities for a studentWhat are the tutors like? 30-50 age I guess. More likely all of...

    0 by Stelios in Erasmus experiences UNIC , one year ago
  • Blog

    My mum made my Erasmus experience

    My granddad was in the army and when my mum and her sisters were young, they got the opportunity to live in Cyprus on an English military base in Dhekalia. They arrived in Cyprus at night, when my mum was only 7 years old. Her first memory of Cyprus was being scared...

    0 by Alexandra in Erasmus blog UNIC, 3 years ago

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