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Erasmus in Prague!

Hello everyone. I am Francesco, italian student from Siena.


I started my Erasmus experience in Prague on 22 of September 2015 until the end of January.

I studied at Charles University in Prague, following economic course at the Institute of Economic Studies.

The city of Prague is really amazing and fantastic, full of art and history.


The best solution to came in Prague is by plane: the airport is about 40 minutes from the city center by bus or metro.

The life is not so expensive, but in the last years the cost of life has just increase.

Beer is the cheapest thing you can find here in Prague, around 1€ for 0. 5 L. :P But also restaurant and pub, not especially in the city center, are not so expensive.


Finding a flat to share for me has been really complicated. I had to spent around 10 day in a hostel before finding a flat. There are different websites on internet or in Facebook groups, but a lot of time there is an agency and it is looking for commission (more or less it is around 66 % of the rent).

The rent was really expensive (around 380 euros) but the house was fantastic. If you have the possibility to be helped by a Czech buddy, there are a lot of czech website where the prices are lower.

The university is nice. The faculty of social sciences has 3 different building, 2 of them are in the city center, the last is far from the city center, but 15 minutes by metro.

The night life in Prague is fantastic. There is an incredible number of bar, pub, discos and others. Usually there is a free entry, but sometimes they can ask 2 or 5 euros in general.

I think living in Prague was the best choice that I have ever done!

¡Erasmus en Praga!


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