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Experience at the Autonomous University of Madrid

What is the Autonomous University of Madrid like?

My experience at the Autonomous University of Madrid was very good. There was a wide range of studies in different branches, numerous courses and activities organised by both students and teachers and a whole campus to enjoy some unforgettable years with people who share your own interests.

What are the facilities like?

The facilities on the Cantoblanco campus, at least in my opinion, are some of the best there are. In addition to all the faculties that are scattered throughout the campus and the different libraries, there is the "Plaza Mayor", where you can find everything from a bookstore to a cafeteria with more than cheap prices. The campus is full of green spaces with picnic boxes and benches, there are also several parking lots (which fill up straight away, by the way) and numerous students coming and going from Renfe.

Experience at the Autonomous University of Madrid


And the professors?

The professors, at least those that I had the pleasure of having teach me, were superb. As well as the high level of teaching in their classes, they care about their students and often respond very quickly to emails. The majority also organise guided tours to museums, exhibitions and even trips to other cities for their classes. I, for example, was able to enjoy a trip to Mérida that was organised by the Department of Classic Philology in the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature. So, overall, I would have to say that I had more than stupendous professors.

Is it easy to pass at the Autonomous University of Madrid?

What is certain is that you have to study and work quite hard to pass the exams. Like for everything, it definitely depends on the subject and the professor; for some you only have one set of coursework and one final exam, but with others there are mid-term exams, practicals, seminars and presentations. Conclusion: you have to work hard, but putting in the effort and being consistent with the work, it is not difficult to get good results.

Experience at the Autonomous University of Madrid


What are the activities that the university organises like?

There are different activities that each faculty will organise. I, for example, participated in some short courses that were offered throughout the academic year. They all had different focus points such as languages, history, archaeology, health sciences, computing etc. And the majority of them had an accessible price and, furthermore, are the equivalent of a couple of credits.

Do you think quality studies are taught?

Yes, I believe that this is one of the best universities in Spain, and I recommend other students to come here to begin their studies.

Don’t forget to choose well the university that you want to go to. The Autonomous University of Madrid is one of the best universities in Spain!

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