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Ruissalo, a paradise during the winter and summer

Published by flag-es Alberto Arestizabal Gil — 5 years ago

Hello everyone there again!

Today I am going to tell you about a place quite near from Turku, so near that is side by side and you can get there even using a bus from the downtown of the city. This place is Ruissalo, it is an island that practically is linked with Turku and you can get there by crossing the bridge which links the city with the island.

Ruissalo, basically, is a natural Paradise where the forest, the countryside and the sea are mixed with the modernity in a shape of a touristy complex, golf pitch, Spa Hotel, beach, etc. It’s a place visited a lot as well during the winter as during the summer, due to all the stuff that you can find in Ruissalo, you can enjoy both seasons to have fun on the island. Before I forget, to go to Ruissalo, you just have to take the bus number eight in Kauppatori, at the bus stop that is just opposite the H&M and in front of a photography shop called Forex.

During the summer, in Ruissalo, it is the time when more people come to visit the island. Not only people who come as consumer of the touristy services can be found on the island, as it is the case of the Spa Hotel or the Golf Pitch, also because is the time when everybody can go there and enjoy the wonderful Baltic Sea beaches. Besides, it’s during the summer when Ruissalo receives a Musical festival with a worldwide approach to which come a huge amount of people not only from Finland, but also from all over the world, RuissRock. The RuissRock is a music festival that reaches all kinds and styles and it is celebrated on the island and it uses the facilities that the island offers to set there different stages, the camping area and settle the festival. However, it is not only about the touristy stuff that you can you can enjoy in Ruissalo, during all the year and for those who like it, you can go and admire its wide countrysides and forests.

During the winter time, Ruissalo usually receives a smaller number of visitors, but that doesn't mean necessarily that it stops receiving them. As I already said before, the natural environment always is available for those who feel like watching or visiting it. But the main attraction during the winter at Ruissalo are its Saunas. As a lot of you already know and as I already have commented in other posts, the sauna is a traditional element in the Finnish costumes, so in Ruissalo there is one quite big, for male and female, but where everybody wears only a swimming suit and where you can count on the possibility to have a bath in the frozen sea once you have gone out from the sauna. That is a really spread tradition along all the country, it's something normal and common and what everybody has been doing since they were young. However, for the people who are not from there it is really interesting, something new, and without doubt I would recommend practising it. You cannot leave Finland without going there at least once.

And until here is what I can tell you about Ruissalo, it is a beautiful and nice place, and which you can enjoy during all the year, and it is another option to do in Turku and also an area which I deeply recommend visiting.

See you again! Greetings.

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