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Turun Klubi

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La Klubi, where the extremes meet.

Published by flag-es Alberto Arestizabal Gil — 11 years ago

If you live in Turku, you will know Yliopistonkatu for sure, known as the shopping street or pedestrian street near Kauppatori. Well, if you go to the street and start walking until you reach a junction with a street that is not a pedestrian one (Humalistonkatu). Once there turn right (away from the river Aura) and if possible cross to the other side of the street, where you will see the Apollo and a kebab-pizzeria whose name I do not remember XD. Well, right after the kebab, you will see as an entrance to a garage that is outdoors, making that rather a courtyard. Then, you will have arrived at your destination, Klubi, A Great Place for Turku nights where, depending on the day, the  extremes meet.

The Klubi could be, according to my knowledge, one of the biggest clubs in Turku after Prima. It has three floors, each one, as you climb levels, more noisy and raucous. Depending on the day, and here's why the title (extremes meet), you have or a disco normal day, including typical clubbing parties of "Saturday Night", Erasmus parties, which are usually the most wild and crazy such as the Welcome parties (one each beggining of semester) and where what happens there are three floors devoted to the madness and offset. Or, nights with professional DJs who often visit Turku and fall in Klubi, or in Prima. Also you can attend to student parties, organized by Finnish student associations.

Now, the other side of the coin that gives you the Klubi, is the possibility to go there but in this case in the category of attending to a concert. And how it couldn't be otherwise, the concerts that you are going to see in Finland will not be classical music, pop, reggae (sometimes also had) or soft rock No way! There the concerts you will attend, are TRUE METAL! To which I went whenever the opportunity arose to me. And besides all styles: Death, Black, MelodicDeath, Folk, Viking, Thrash, etc.. Although the best thing was the atmosphere that you fell in this concerts. You see how that people enjoy this style of music taboo and largely unknown and object at intolerance in many countries of the world and that, however, raises titanic passions among its loyal fans wherever he goes. And best of all, not just enjoy the fact for four hours or so of great thunderous metal which offer you three or four groups each evening concert, best of all is the atmosphere generated during the post- concert there in the Klubi.

Well, I said, is a wonderful place where every night you will spend great moments and also directed for all tastes and types of people.

Regards, Good luck, enjoy the Erasmus and A have a great time!

Kiitos Paljon!

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