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Prima, always a good plan ;)

Published by Alberto Arestizabal Gil — 8 years ago

Hello again Erasmus people from all over the world!

As you know, there are many other posts where I tell my adventures during my Erasmus in Turku, Finland. Today I come to tell you about a very significant place for those students who spend their Erasmus studies in Turku: Prima Yöklubi or "Prima" as it is usually called colloquially. To find this club, you have to go to Kauppatori (enough to go around) and look out on the corner facing the pedestrian street (Yliopistonkatu). In that corner, you will appreciate two bars / pubs, "The Rock and Wings" and "Aura". Well, right next to "the Rock and Wings" one, following up the street, you will find "Prima, " or at least its main entrance, because "Prima" can be accessed from the "Aura" bar. To sum up, "Prima" is in Aurakatu 4.

Something so special about this Club is that it is for Erasmus students, and what makes you go there many times, is that all the Erasmus students enter for free with their ESN-card. At the beginning, a bargain like this only works for the weekends, but every time that we went there we tried it. So, as long as you showed your ESN-card, you entered for free, and because of that we started to show it every time we went there. But, the cloakroom is mandatory and it costs two euros and a half, same as in all the discos and clubs in Turku.

Among the major parties that are organized in this club, Erasmus parties are included as they are the ones where you can really see the "Erasmus panorama" of the city. Especially "Semaphore shoulder party" and "Farewell party. " The festival of lights is a party where the theme is to dress according to a color code, such as: if you go green, you're single, if you go yellow, you are undecided, and if you go red, you have a partner. Furthermore, the farewell party is a party held when the semester is ending and many students are going to leave Turku soon. At this festival, basically everyone brings their Finnish flag, or a white shirt for everyone to sign an autograph or write something on them. I must emphasize, both parties are held once each semester ends (twice a year each one).

Another thing that makes Prima interesting is the interior of the building. Let's say the club itself consists of four or five adjoining rooms; they are distributed in the following way: upon entering, on the right side, there is the wardrobe, and the bar is on the left side (which has a bar table and where there is karaoke sometimes). At the end of the bar, there are the stairs leading to the "Aura" bar. Then, once you cross the bar, leaving behind the wardrobe, there is also the largest room in the building, where the main dance floor is. There, you will find two roons: one, which is suitable to place chairs and services, and the other, in which there is a smoking room (for those who did not know, in Finland smoking is banned in any closed spaces). Then, downstairs, there is a room that functions as a bar and dance floor at the same time and that is somewhat smaller than the main room. Besides, here is the access to the patio of the club, something only worth using in the summer or, if not, at the beginning and end of the Erasmus period. So, the area that is bound to be a relaxing space also has a bar in the center, decorated like an stall in Hawaiian way, something that adds a folkloric tone to the place.

In closing, I would like to talk a bit about the music that you can listen to here. Except for the part of the bar where you will mostly listen to karaoke songs during the nights that it is set (or something like country, rock or hard rock), the rest of the rooms depend on the DJ's choice at the time (obviously); however, there are nights that you spend listening to good dance and commercial house but there is also the risk of having to endure loud nights of pure electronic Tubthumping music.

In conclusion, the truth is that I don't have too much more to mention, just that in case of the issue of price, do not expect anything cheaper or more expensive than elsewhere in Turku. What I say is that yes, I recommend you to deeply visit this place because for the Erasmus parties is practically mandatory to go there, because it is also good for the nights that nothing is organized. Prima is always a good plan!

Greetings to you all and thanks for reading.

Kiitos Paljon.

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