550 € / month (bills included)

MORRISON: Private room close to University


Welcome to the MORRISON room advertisement page.
If you're looking for the best room in Turin, you're in the right place :-)

Below, I will try to tell you all the informations you need, to help you understand if the accommodation I have to offer you is what you are looking for and if it fits to your needs.
I'll try to tell you everything and I'm sure that with a bit of imagination, through this "virtual tour", you'll be looking forward to move here ;-)

Get comfortable and let's get started!


The room is big and spacious (it's about 20 square meters), very bright and fully furnished with everything you need.
Inside you have:
- a huge and comfortable double bed (160x200),
- two bedside tables with abat-jour,
- a nice wardrobe with a mirror,
- a table with two chairs,
- a console table,
- a personal fridge,
- a comfortable sofa bed (140x200).

The flat is very well oriented, so your room is "kissed by the sun" all day long from the big bright window.
Everything is ready for you and you have everything to feel at home.
The bed has an orthopedic mattress and two comfortable pillows to allow you to sleep as comfortably as possible.
When you’ll arrive, your bed will be ready and in the wardrobe you'll find a second set of sheets and blankets that you can use as you wish during your stay.
As soon as you enter the room, on the left, there is a large white sofa, which becomes a bed if necessary.
Your room is your kingdom, so if a friend of yours or your parents come to visit you for the weekend, you can easily host them with you :-)


Your room is located in a big apartment of about 220 square meters in total, on the first floor of a beautiful stately condo, in front of the Valentino Park.
In total there are 6 bedrooms (so you'll have 5 roommates), 2 bathrooms both furnished with sink, wc, bidet, shower and hair dryer (the bathrooms are shared just with other 4 roommates, because one room has its own private), an equipped kitchen, and a storage room.

The particularity of the flat is that there are NO KEYS!
You can enter in the flat typing your personal access code or by the appropriate mobile app, so don't be afraid in loosing the keys or remaining closed outside the home :-)

The kitchen is furnished and equipped with everything you need: a sink, electric hotplates for cooking, dishes, glasses, cutlery and pots are at your disposal, as well as a microwave, an Italian-style coffee-maker, and a kettle.

The washing machine is there and it's at your disposal when you need it.
For your laundry, I provided every room with a personal rack, so you'll never loose a sock :-)

You have your own fridge in your room, so if you eat GLUTEN FREE or if you're VEGAN or, like I am, VEGETARIAN, don't worry, you won't share the space of your personal food.


The condo is very quiet and peaceful.
It is inhabited mainly by families, young workers and students and everything is managed by Sumith, who is the best concierge ever!
The concierge office is directly in front the main entrance of the condominium and Sumith is always there if needed.
If you are waiting for a letter or an Amazon's envelop, just tell him and he will take it for you ;-)

We Piedmontese are usually quiet and reserved people, so you will not hear any noise or disturbance.
If when you're at home you have to study and concentrate or want to relax a bit, you're in the right place!


The apartment is located in Corso Massimo d'Azeglio 78, in the quite area of the "San Salvario" district.
Located about 20 minutes walking from the downtown, is very well served by every means of public transport.

- Moving around

The closest SUBWAY is DANTE, that is just 4 minutes walking from the house.
Taking the Subway you will arrive anywhere in a few minutes (for the old town, for example, are just 4 stops)
The TRAIN STATION Porta Nuova is 4 stops of subway as well and if you need to take a BUS to go somewhere, in front of the flat (literally) there are the stops of the main busses of Turin.
The same is if you need to take a Taxi, because there' s a taxi parking at the other side of the street.
If you want to drive or to ride a bicycle, there are lot's of car/bike sharing services in town. They're very cheap and useful and, if you need, I can help you to find the best for you and to join it ;-)

If you arrive from the airport and prefer a pick up service instead of the bus, just ask me!

- Nightlife and Nature

The flat is in front of the Parco del Valentino (our "Central Park" in Turin!)
If you like jogging, walking in the nature, feed squirrels, or just enjoy a lazy afternoon at the edge of the river, the Valentino is there for you, less than 5 minutes walking.
About the nightlife, the San Salvario district has everything you could need: bars, restaurants, clubs, discos, cocktail bars, everything is just 1 stop of subway or 10 minutes walk.

- Neighborhood, Shops and Services

All the neighborhood is full of activities and services.
There are many supermarkets nearby, including a Carrefour open 24/7 about 7 minutes from the house.
Banks, Pharmacies, Tabac shops, Post offices and local food shops are just around the corner and the main Hospital of Turin is 2 blocks from the flat.
UNIVERSITIES are very easy to reach.
Some of them are at the back of the building, for some others you have to walk 15/20 minutes or you can take the subway or the bus.
If you ask me, I can tell you easily how to reach your faculty!


- Heating

The heating is centralized and is managed by the condo.
The house is warm in winter and cool during the summer, so you do not have to worry about anything.

- Wifi

The internet connection is a 100 G Wi-Fi and the signal is fast and perfect in every room ;-)

- Cleaning service

The cleaning service is managed by Marina, our Housekeeper, who comes every week to fix, clean and tidy up the whole house…singing and smiling :-)
She's very nice and she's a very special person, so I'm sure you'll like her!

- General Services and Bills

The heating, the light, the gas, the water, the condo and maintenance costs, the concierge service and the cleaning service are ALL INCLUDED in the monthly price!
You do not have to worry about anything and I do not ask you to pay anything besides the price of the room.

If you want to host someone in your room, feel free.
You MUST tell me who is coming to visit you and for how long, but you will not pay me any additional cost!
As I told you before, your room is your kingdom :-)
If you are two people and want to share the room, that's fine, the price is always the same.

- Contract

The type of contract we sign and the cost of  its registration vary according to your stay, that we can certainly discuss before you arrive.
Normally, I sign a "Contratto Transitorio per motivi di Studio o di Lavoro", with a maximum duration of 18 months.
The cost of the registration depends by the duration and it is mandatory by law to make the registration within 30 days from the first day of the contract.
You will not have to worry about anything, because I will manage all the bureaucracy, without charging you any additional cost!

To let you understand how everything can happen, here is the example of “James”:

James is an Australian student who comes to study at the Politecnico di Torino for 6 months.
After some messages between me and him, James books his room.
After that, we send each other some e-mails with all I need in order to make all the bureaucracy (ID, Visa/Residence Permit, Codice Fiscale provided by the University and the payment of the Deposit)
On the day of the check-in, I go to welcome James to the flat and, after showing his room, we sign the contract that I already prepared (2 copies: one for him and one for me)
By booking on Housing Anywhere, James already payed the first monthly fee to the website, so for the first month he just pay me the contract registration cost that I give directly to the Agenzia delle Entrate when I register all the papers (in this example, James' contract is for 6 months and its registration cost is € 99)
From the second month, James will pay the normal monthly fee directly to me, without a euro more.

I apologize for the long text, but I hope to be helpful in telling you everything you need to know about the room, the neighborhood and the managing, so you can have all the information you need to decide where to live for the next few months, without having unpleasant surprises once you're here in Turin.

I know how it feels to start an adventure in a new city: there is so much excitement, but there are also many doubts and it’s often hard to find someone who, from distance, can help us to take all the right steps and get them done serenely.
That's why my goal is to make you feel at home, even before your check-in, trying to let your stay in Turin as pleasant as possible.
If you have any doubt or questions, please, just text me, I'm at your disposal and I will be happy to help you in any way possible :-)

I wish you all the best!


"A house is made with walls and beams; a Home is built with love and drems"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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