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  • Valentino Park

    Valentine's Park is a beautiful historical park with big gardens where you can play with your kids, or you can read a book in peace, or you can walk with your dog.There are two gardens with a lot of flowers like roses and wisteria. During summer time you can have a...

    0 by Giovanna, in What to see Turin, 5 months ago
  • Oussama Morafik

    A good place to take a rest after a long trip. There's a fast food reasturant McDonald's where you can eat and the Chef Express Caffetteria Bar/ Snack. In addition you can shop for food and presents in the mini market there. Even if the prices are a little bit hight due...

    0 by Oussama, in Where to eat Turin, one year ago
  • Torino

    Today I would like to talk about my hometown that happens to be in a very beautiful city in the north of Italy: Turin. In this short article I’ll try to sum up the most important things to know about Turin’s culture and history and then, a little bonus for you guys,...

    0 by Silvia, in What to see Turin, one year ago
  • Mercato di Porta Palazzo

    I had a great time in Italy this summer. As I said: it's a country that I have really wanted to get to know and it's been a while since I've taken a real vacation... Yes, because of my thesis. So, once the advanced version was delivered, I was free for a few days to do...

    0 by Kate, in What to see Turin, one year ago
  • 100 Montaditos

    If you want to grab a bite , you should go to " 100 Montaditos"! as the name suggests , in this place you can find 100 different types of "panini" - mini sandwiches. But more important is that if you arrive on Wednesdays , you can buy all the sandwiches in €1 for...

    0 by mishel, in Where to eat Turin, one year ago
  • Monte dei Capuccini

    By here you can have a nice view of the city scape of my beloved Turin. (That on the background is the famous Mole Antonelliana that you can see on the back of the italian coin of 2cent!)

    0 by VALENTINA, in What to see Turin, 2 years ago
  • Napples Pizzeria

    Then you should definitely go to Napples! Napolitain cookers, those pizza are simply delicious! Moreover, they are not that expensive and the place is really pretty!  Whereas, I truly recommend reservation! It is always crowded! And sometimes, you have to wait even...

    0 by Eva, in Where to eat Turin, 2 years ago
  • Public Park

    I was lucky to participate in LLM International Trade Law from ILO's Turin School of Development Italy from Feb 2017 to June 2017. The best experience was to walk down from my apartment at Corsso Moncalairi to the campus. The track was rich with natural beauty. The snap...

    0 by Zaheer, in What to see Turin, 2 years ago
  • Gelateria La Romana

    I´m from Portugal and I was in Turim during 6 months with the Erasmus programme. During that period at least once/twice a week I couldn´t resist going to Gelateria La Romana, usually the one in Via Madama Cristina. That´s why I gain a few pounds during those...

    0 by Andreia, in Where to eat Turin, 3 years ago
  • Cammafà

    The best pizzas in Torino. This is actually a Napoletan pizza franchise, but it has the best pizzas in town, besides, you can have something to eat before going out since it's 2 min away from the city nightlife in San Salvario. Service is good, and there is not one bad...

    0 by Monica, in Where to eat Turin, 3 years ago
  • Cinema Museum

    If you like cinema this is the place for you. You'll have the opportunity to watch old movies and to go throught the cinema history in a couple of hours. The museum is placed inside of another famous attraction of Turin: the Mole Antoneliana. To reach the top of this...

    0 by Madalina, in What to see Turin, 4 years ago
  • Basilica of Superga

    The Basilica of Superga it's a very turistic place which is in the surroundings of Torino City, in Italy. I recommend to go there because of the beauty of the architecture and the beauty of the nature that surrounds the place. Also, from the top of the Basilica of...

    0 by Lucero, in What to see Turin, 5 years ago
  • Le Boutique del caffè

    I live really close to that cafe. When I arrived to Turin, I didn't have internet at the beginnig, but because I wanted to let my loved ones know, that I am safe and sound, I started looking for a café from where I can write them. I had several others on my way, but...

    0 by Eszter, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Turin, 5 years ago

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