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Le Boutique del caffè

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Cosy atmosphere for an amazing Italian coffee :)

Published by flag- Eszter Csenár — 9 years ago

I live really close to that cafe. When I arrived to Turin, I didn't have internet at the beginnig, but because I wanted to let my loved ones know, that I am safe and sound, I started looking for a café from where I can write them. I had several others on my way, but this one grabbed my attention. Le Boutique Del Café. For me, design and first impression of the place is really important (but I guess for most of the people). So I entered this café and I was really amazed with the interior design!! I couldn't even focus on what type of coffee I want to drink because I was just looking everywhere! It was combined with a shop, so you can buy chocolate, jams, candys, so many typical Italian gifts already nicely presented as a gift!!! Perfect! The staff was so nice, they waited patiently till I finished looking around and finally I could focus on my coffee choice. But then I arrived to my second stage where I was just looking! The menu for the different types of coffees is amazing! I chose at the end a special one. I didn't know what I am going to have, but I was sure in Italy I cannot have any bad coffees. I took also a book with me, and the atmosphere there was more than ideal for reading. Later I returned with my friend and I felt poorly on that day. I was ill. I asked the waitress whether they have hot cholate... and trust me, I had the best ever!!! I have never had Lindt hot chocolate before! OMG!!! The best remedy ever :) In a nutshell, this café has a really magical atmosphere, delicious coffees, nice sandwiches and also what I haven't tried yet, their aperitivo! This is on the list though as well :) Do not miss it out, when you are in Turin! It is in the city centre, so everything is so close. 

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