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Erasmus Turin first semester 2021/2022

Published by flag- Calin Rusu — one year ago

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Amazing experience

I met a lot of interesting people.

I lived in Campus San Paolo, recommend them.The cheapest room for 2 is 350 Euro.

In Turin are a lot of interesting places to go, some recommendations are Superga, Car museum, Lavazza museum, parco Valentino, Juventus stadium, Torino stadium near pala Alpitour is a very beautiful park, Mole Antonelliana of course ...

If you are in Turin you should go to language exchange at Der Keller 

For students there is a good canteen near politecnico di Torino, and for Erasmus students price is 1,8 Euro for one full meal Recommended.

Ablout places to go in the night I suggest Santa Giulia and Comala.

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