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Erasmus Experience in Turin, Italy by Jessica

Why did you choose to go to Turin, Italy?

I wanted to simply discover a part of Europe that I did not know. Also, I wanted a city that was non-touristic but central for easy traveling.


How long was your stay? What was the amount of aid you received?

4 months and I received a mobility scholarship of $3250, approximately 2160 euros.

How is the student ambiance in Turin?

It's good. There are a lot of students in the city center, but less in the surrounding areas.

Do you recommend the city and university of Turn to other students?

Yes, however, it's important to live near the city center to appreciate it.

How is the food in the country?

Very good, fairly healthy. The ingredients are mostly very fresh.

Did you have any difficulties securing housing in Turin?

Yes, especially because I was there for a short duration.

What is the cost of living in Turin?

Normal, a lot less than touristic cities like Rome, Florence, Venise, Paris, etc. It's nice to live there for that reason.

How were your language studies? Did you have a course organized by the university?

I had an introductory course, but they spoke very quickly, so I did not learn the language in-depth.


What is the most economic way to get to Turin from your city?

By plane, because I'm from Canada.

What places do you recommend for partying in Turin?

Jumping Jester! Really nice pub!

And for eating in Turin? What places are your favorite?

Apéritivo... San Salvator is my favorite, but mostly everywhere is good!


And what culture places do you recommend?

The Museum of Cinema and the Museum of Automobiles!

What advice do you have for future students in Turin?

Live in the city center! The most important of all!

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