Experience in Trento (Italy), by Rossella

Published by Rossella Sala — 6 years ago

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What places would you recommend visiting in Trento?

The city cathedral and the castle are both very interesting buildings. The town center holds several charming medieval houses and palaces, while the surroundings of the city offer a beautiful view on the Alps and their nature. The city is perfect for mountain and ski lovers!

Is the nightlife good in Trento? Where is good to go?

Honestly there's not much going on in Trento by night. Most clubs and pubs are out of town, in the suburbs or the Alpine valleys; almost all bars close at midnight or at 1 am. The only proper club in the center opens twice a week and is usually quite popular among students. There are a few nice bars close to the university (Simposio, Il Picaro, Café de la Paix, Bar Verdi) where young people go for aperitivo (a drink before dinner) and on their nights out. Unfortunately it's quite hard to find anything open after 2 am!


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