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A small zoo in Tingo María

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Animals of the jungle

Translated by Kate Norman — 6 months ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone!

I hope that each and every one of you is well. Today I want to tell you about a small zoo that can be found inside the city of Tingo María, where you can see lots of different jungle animals.

A small zoo inside the city of Tingo María

Some birds that I saw on this occasion really surprised me, as it was the first time that I had ever seen this kind of bird. For example, one of the birds that has a really funny shape. It was a bird that looked like a ball with black feathers, as well as having a yellow chest and a red tail, this was a type of toucan that I never thought I would find:


The Peruvian Jungle Sloth

Another animal I could find was a sloth that was sleepily hanging from a tree branch. In fact, there were two, one that could be seen sleeping and another that was in a kind of box, silently looking at those who passed by.


Mother and child

On the other hand, I can also tell you that I was able to meet a mother monkey with her baby. She was carrying him on her back, it was one of the most tender experiences I had here.

They are in the following picture, when the monkey mom was getting close to get a piece of banana and her monkey baby was hugging her:

Animals of the jungle


A celestial colour like the sky

I had to mention that also, inside the bird section, I could see another toucan that had a light blue beak. Something I also want to share with you is that the guide offered us to enter the bird's cage to touch its beak, I really thought about it a lot, since I didn't want to disturb the bird, but finally I decided to enter and take a picture with the animal, at first I didn't want to enter because I didn't want to disturb it but on the other hand I didn't want to miss this opportunity.

National bird of Peru

In Peru we have a national bird, perhaps many people may think that is the condor, the largest bird in the world, but it is not. It is the Andean cock-of-the-rock which is also known in Peru as Tunqui. Its beauty and its special mane on its head has made it worthy to be considered the national bird of Peru. It is one of the native birds of the country and, like the world of mother nature, the males have a bright red color to attract the attention of the females, who have less vivid colours.

The crest that you are going to see on the gallito de las rocas is what is going to attract your attention the most. In addition to its beautiful feathers, the cockerel that I found in this zoo was alone and at times began to emit a special sound and approached in a friendly way, with the desire to peck us.


"Jaguars don't eat one of their own"

After passing by the bird area, we also passed by the area where we found some cats, and between them a jaguar. This animal has had some bad press from being related to the congressmen of Peru for something, they say the saying "jaguars don't eat one of their own".



In another area of the zoo, we also found a group of reptiles that were completely stiff, one would think that they were dead or dissected! The truth is that they are so ready hunt their prey, which is usually insects. They can stay still for hours and hours until they eat their target.


Group of friends

Finally, one of the funniest things that I had the luck in finding at this zoo was a group of geese that, unlike the rest of the animals, were free range with access to everywhere. There were about five in total that began to make a sound like a cesspit, as if they were in search of something... here is a photo:


I hope this information helps you when you come to visit this interesting part within the city of Tingo Maria, a city in the central jungle that has many interesting things to discover and enjoy.

As always, thank you very much for reading each of these publications! I wish you all a very good day. See you soon! And you know it, come to know this part of Tingo Maria!

Animals of the jungle


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