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Roaming the City

Published by Jan Migenda — 2 years ago

Blog: Den Haag
Tags: Erasmus blog The Hague, The Hague, Netherlands

Roaming the City

Wandering through the city, we saw the Ridderzaal (Knight's Hall), part of the 13th-century Binnenhof complex; the fountain in front of it has a golden statue on top of it.

Roaming the City

As we were moving on, a bridge showed us the banners of different parts of the Netherlands.

Roaming the City

As we were coming close to international institutions, the roads showed us flags of the countries around the world.

Roaming the City

A well-known international institution in Den Haag is Europol. I wouldn't want to work in one of those grey blocks, but they seem to be doing a good job.

Roaming the City

On another, sunnier day, we took the bike over Keizerstraat (Emperor's Lane), one of the main shopping malls. Beautiful!

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